Solar System

Four golf cart batteries will store the solar energy that will be inverted to feed the electrical needs of the tiny house.  The electricity "brain" is housed in the itty-bitty garage of the tiny house on the right side. Each battery weights roughly 60 pounds. This is good because we need more weight on the tongue of the trailer to even out the extra weight from the bathroom and loft in the back. 

Bradley had been our solar guy. Dad met him when he was out at an RV store browsing for parts. He has been super great with explaining all that he is doing and his plan of attack with the electrical needs. 

The garage was a good place for all of this because I will want easy access to the inverter and batteries. They take up a decent amount of space as you see below so keeping them outside the main house was aesthetically better, and safer. It is important that we have vents in the garage. 

Though set up for solar power, the house has also been set up to use grid power. The far right photo shows the solar plug that will bring in power from solar panels as well as a typical electric plug that you can hook up to a normal outlet.