Cedar Shakes


Oct 21

The cedar shakes have been being added throughout the summer. However, this past weekend we worked on finishing up the right side and adding the Tung Oil to seal the shakes. 


Process to add shakes:

  1. Add drip edge to bottom and top.
  2. Seal all cracks with silicone.
  3. Start at the bottom and work across staggering the shakes. You want to use your opinion on what order to place the shakes, I liked the look of thin then thick shakes. 
  4. Pre-drill holes on each shake, roughly 9 1/2" up. 8"b will be showing so drilling the holes at that height will cover the screws with the next layer of shakes.
  5. Use stainless steel screws to attach the shakes. 
  6. Pull a string line for your next row of shakes in order to keep the shakes relatively straight going across. 
  7. As you get towards the top of your area you will need to start cutting down the height of the shakes to fit. 

Sealing Shakes:

We added 2 coats. The goal with the Tung Oil is to maintain the color of the shakes and seal the wood.