It all started when...


I realized I was headed to the mountains every Friday at 5, gone until Sunday at midnight. The free time I had I was in the mountains, so I knew that's where I should be. Knowing that, I thought about how else I could shift my life to fit this lifestyle better. I was sick of paying way too much money on a property I didn't own, I wanted the ability to travel and explore new cities, and most of all, I wanted more time to be outside. As a graphic designer by profession, I knew a first step would be to take my career into the freelance world (shameless plug: check out my portfolio and contact me with any design inquiries).

With the freedom to work from anywhere I thought about how I could cut down my expenses and get more time to be outside. I am not ready to be in one place, so buying a house didn't seem like a good idea. However, the feeling of coming home and having a place to call home, I didn't want to lose.

I'm most excited about creating a space that has exactly what I need and not more. I'm excited to live more intentionally. To lose the clutter and baggage of things I don't really need. Going through the process of figuring out what is really important and what isn't is refreshing. I'm excited to do the building, to learn the plumbing and electrical, and to be able to fix things that go wrong. I'm excited to live off-grid, to use solar for electricity and propane to cook. I'm excited to have such little space indoors that the outdoors will force its self to become part of my home.

I've had a tiny house on my mind for a few years but as the building process begins its become clear I have a lot to learn. It's easy to feel overwhelmed but like with any big undertaking, I keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time. There's many unanswered questions, and things that I will figure out along the way... but that's all part of the fun.