Living Room Storage


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For a bunch of reasons we decided to add a raised floor in the living room. Probably the biggest is that we needed more storage. By adding a 7" step up we now have the entire floor space to store things. 

The floor was built similar to a stud wall. We created 3 cavities that will have hinged doors to access them. The same tongue and groove pine boards used for the loft are used for the flooring. We added a 3/4" plywood below the t&g boards because this is a high traffic area and don't want any sagging when stepped on. 

This floor is installed just like the loft. We also added construction adhesive before nailing which will help with creaking. Because the idea is to not show that this is storage in the floor, we carefully numbered and aligned the boards to line up with its cut counterpart. It felt like a puzzle as we were doing this. 

The bottom of the cavities was painted just to seal it and look nicer. The same stair nosing is used on the edge of this floor. 

This floor got 4 coats of polyurethane. I plan to have a rug cover most of this. We left enough space in front of the couch to have the rug roll up and still be able to open the storage units which will make getting to things in these cavities pretty easy.