Team Tiny House


Eric aka Dad

The architect behind the madness. With quality and precision first, this man leaves no detail overlooked. He built his first house while in school in Philly and has yet to lay down the hammer. It's often questioned how he remarkably fits so many things into a single day.

Master of the nail gun, and brains behind the blueprints, Eric brings the the knowledge, experience, and necessary end of the day IPA to the tiny house build. 

When he's not designing or so generously assisting his very grateful daughter in building a tiny house, you'll find him hiking, skiing and occasionally binge watching Vikings. 


Roxanne aka Mom

This fast talking, wood cutting lady is one-of-a-kind. She grew up building with her dad and throughout her life has proved that she knows her way around a tool shop. Mom of 4, she knows how to keep a project moving, always with the next necessary tool in hand. Owner of her own wood-working company, Roxanne proves that she's a women with much expertise, especially when it comes to finding beautiful natural-edge hardwoods.

Her enthusiasm and support for the tiny house is unparalleled. She is quoted saying, "fehwuidfhfsaufiolhnfl." No, we didn't get that either because she said it so fast, but we have to think it was something about being psyched on the tiny house.

When not ruling the world, you'll find her at dinner with friends, walking the dogs or reading Outlanders.


Copper aka Copdog

Copper brings the energy to the group. Coming up on his first birthday in March, Copper is joining the team for his first build. Not only is Copper always willing to carry the biggest stick, and able to dig the quickest hole, but his halfway floppy ears and wrinkly face keep moral high.