Simpson Strong Ties

April 2


These connectors are perfect for securing the framed walls to the the trailer. The trailer came with welded on steel rods extending up the sides of the trailer. Remember we had to cut holes in the frames to slide the walls on, and this is why. We use these Strong Ties that sit right over the rods and adjacent with the wall. From here we screw the connector to the wall and add a nut. The nut was not so easy. The threading on the rods is not standard so first we had to find out from the trailer manufacturer what type to use. After getting the correct 5/8 - 18 thread nuts, they still didn't seem to work. Fred however recognized that these were in fact correct but the tops of the rods were messed up so they would not easily turn on. He reconfigured the threads to get the nuts started. THANK YOU! This was a huge help that he was able to do this. As he was working he also noted that it would be MUCH easier to get the nuts on without the Zipboard on the outside. Noted for the next tiny house build. :)

We also cut down the rod a bit to save some weight and to get them out of the way.



Simpson Strong-Tie

10-15/16 in. 14-Gauge Predeflected Holdown with SDS Screws


Hex Nut

5/8"-18 Yellow Zinc Finish Grade 8 Finished Hex Nut

1 Box (10)