Metal Roof

We weren't sure that the metal roof by Fabral would get to us in time before the move, but Friday afternoon the 20' long panels came rolling down the back alley. We started Friday by installing the small roof over the bay window, which actually was more challenging then the main roof. The small roofs require more metal sniping and precision in how things are positioned to make sure the roof is totally sealed and flashed. Nabil and dad worked on this one.


Saturday we got the majority of the main roof on. The Fabral system is really cool as it comes in a kit system with the sheets you will need for different parts of the roof. Painted screws are also included. You start with the side flashing pieces, which are similar to a drip edge, run around the perimeter of the roof. Once the sides and bottom are installed we started left to right, snapping the long panels into one another. A row of screws run up each panel before snapping the next one in place. It went pretty quickly after the first panel was positioned. Again, I have a really straightforward roof so I could see installing a metal roof by yourself more challenging in other scenerios. 


The finished product looks great! It's super sharp and clean looking!