Ice & Water Shield

April 3

TEMP: 66°/ Sunny

This stuff, like the Zip Tape is really easy to use. Grace Ice & Water Shield is a self-adhered roofing underlayment. It uses a rubberized asphalt formulation enabling a watertight bond with the roof deck which acts as a barrier for both water and ice. 

You want to install this in 40° + weather. To begin start at the bottom of the roof so that the layer at the top of the house will be on top. We weren't sure how far over the edge this stuff should go and though we weren't able to find any definitive answer to this we decided to be super safe and wrap it down to overlap the Zip Tape that we had around the top of the wall. This ensures that all water will flow right off the house, giving no water the ability to get through the roof or walls. We began by cutting one piece to the width of the house plus the necessary overlap on the sides and laid it to give the same overlap on the bottom of the house. This stuff is pretty thick, like that of a rubber tire. It's not initially as sticky as the Zip Tape so positioning it was a bit easier. The idea is that once it gets warm the tar will melt and it self-adheres. 


We had exactly the right amount to finish the whole roof. Granite, we had a really easy roof to do but the whole thing took less than an hour. You can use this stuff for more complex roofs as well. The metal roof will sit right on top. As I sit here writing this post and it's pouring rain outside, it is very comforting knowing this is on top of the house. 



Ice & Water Shield

36 in. x 75 ft. (225 sq. ft.) Roll Roofing Underlayment in Black

1 roll