I want a wood burning stove SO BAD but I just can't ignore all the advice out there to avoid them. The main issue being the inability to control the heat, and especially in such a small space, that seems like a pretty major problem. I'll be living in CO or somewhere out west so I need to really consider the best way to heat the house. 

I looked at a bunch of options but to fit all my requirements, this is the heater I think I'll go with.




14,000 BTU, will output roughly 10,000 BTU giving me slightly more heat than my house should need
65% AFUE (efficiency) - if above 8,000' elevation, the efficiency will likely drop 5-10%
High Altitude (6,001 - 8,000')
Direct-Vent Wall Furnace
• Clearance requirements - 18" sides, 12" below, 30" above
 Top Air Outlet
 LP, No Electricity Required


* I will also need to get a venting system (roughly $40) but that was suggested to source locally and have them come help install it. 

* To know the propane tank size recommendation, I was told to talk with the town I will be living.


Furnace installation is on it's way (it's mid-August).  The gas line is in, the vent is in and the unit is temporarily hanging in place. See below...