Bottom Flashing

March 26

TEMP: 42°/ Cloudy

This is the second part of the underside perimeter flashing. Again, this was done so that any moisture that comes up from below will not get to the wood framing. 

Once the Zipboard was all in place, and cut flush with the bottom, we added the second 'L' shaped drip edge. This overlapped underneath the first drip edge we had added when the perimeter boards were attached. A bead of caulk was run along the lower leg of the L to seal the space between the 2 drip edges. Aluminum trim nails were used about every foot along the vertical leg to attach the drip edge to the trailer. The importance of the aluminum nails is that 2 dissimilar metals will react overtime. 

Finally, to do the corners, we wrapped them again like a present neatly tucked as tightly as possible. In essence, they will be covered by the exterior material. 



Drip Edge

1.5-in x 10-ft Drip Edge



All-Purpose Acrylic Latex Caulk

TOTAL 1 Tube

Trim Nails

Fas-n-Rite 4-oz 12.5-Gauge 1.25-in Aluminum Trim Nails

TOTAL 1 box