Trailer 'Baseboard'

Feb 01

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This isn't really a baseboard in the traditional sense, instead it's 2x4 on the perimeter frame to help with insulation, work with the steel rods that are welded on the sides, and to aid in framing the trailer down the line. Typically you use a single 2x4 on the exterior but with our design and furniture we wanted to include in the house, we added a15/32 " plywood board attached to the 2x4 to give us a bit more width and length in the trailer. These boards are in no way part of the structural stability. This also still leaves the house within the 8.6' legal width that a tiny house can be.

  1. We began by seeing how challenging drilling through the steel frame would be. With an immediate broken bit and lots of muscle behind just one drill hole, we were a bit concerned as we had 24 holes to make in just the perimeter. But, we bought some bits for hard metal, and used a more powerful drill. With these, the drilling ended up not being so bad. 
  2. We worked with 2x4x10 which was perfect as the length is 20'. We ripped the large 15/32" plywood sheet into 2.5" stripes (needing 8 of them). With the 8 steel bolts spread out around the perimeter, we measured and screwed the perimeter boards. 
  3. Then, we predrilled 6 holes into the trailer, and screwed the boards into place.
  4. Before fully screwing the board in place we added a aluminum drip edge around the bottom. We decided to do this so that any moisture that comes up from under the trailer won't get to the wood and will prevent rotting.
  5. We will add another drip edge to the outer edge to cover the entire bottom. Basically, we will fold these like you're wrapping a present.


Drip Edge

1.5-in x 10-ft Galvanized Steel Drip Edge

Total 12


#10 1-1/2 in. External Hex Flange Hex-Head Self-Drilling Screws (90-Pack)

2 boxes


Standard and Better Kiln-Dried Heat Treated Spruce-Pine-Fir Lumber

6 pieces

Plywood Sheathing

15/32 x 4 ft. x 8 ft. CDX Ground Contact Pressure-Treated Plywood

1 (rip 8 - 2.5" stripes)