We were all set and ready to use 3/4" 4x8 tongue & groove plywood for the subfloor, which is what many tiny houses use. Then in a conversation with Byron, owner of Simblissity Tiny Homes out of Lyons, CO, our minds were changed. Advantech Flooring, Byron quotes, "This is what all the big kids are using!"

So, I looked into it.



  • High density engineered wood for industry leading strength and stiffness
  • Advanced moisture resistant resin technology applied through the panel
  • Superb fastener-holding power helps keep floors flat and quiet
  • Patented fastening guide for easier installation
  • Precisely milled and extremely durable tongue and groove profile for easy installation
  • Ranked #1 in quality every year for more than a decade
  • Backed by the reputation of Huber Engineered Woods


We were pretty much sold. For roughly $3 more per sheet, and when you only need 8 sheets, it seemed worth it.